Tune Categories
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Abreu, Zequinha
Tico Tico
Allard, Joseph
Ch√Ęteauguay, Reel de Tadoussac, reel de
Allen, Sarah and Brian Finnegan
Wrong Foot Forward
Allen, Sarah
A Quiet Autumn Bruno
Allen, Ward
Maple Sugar
Allen, Will
Anderson, Anita
Bus Stop reel
Anderson, Tom
Shingly Beach
Arthur, Davey
Glasgow reel, The Tam Lin
Barry, Christy
Christy Barry's No. 1
Beaudoin, Louis
Son of a Bear
Beaudry, Laurence and Robin Beech
Lyle de Montreal New Trail, The
Beaulieu, Jean-Francois
Ghost Ship Outaouais, Reel de l'
Beech, Robin
Allendale Piper , The
Beech, Robin and Laurence Beaudry
marée montante, la
Beech, Robin
August Bee's Knees, The Beggar's Belief Beggar's Belief Bollywogs Bollywogs Brookie the Wheaton is... Five Legged Goat, The Five Legged Goat, The Further up the Dusty End Ife's March Jig of the Living Dead Jig of the Living Dead Mr Oliver's Brown Shoes Only Night of the Week... Petite Souris, La Petite Souris, La Planxty Fanny Powers... Poddles Raspberry Bush, The Resolution West End Park Street Willow Tree, The Yolanta Kruk's Polka
Benoit, √Čmile
Breakwater Boys...
Bensusan, Pierre
Last Pint, The
Blanchette, M.
Gigue de M. Blanchette
Boisvert, Francine
Au revoir Laurence et...
Bordeleau, Michel
Fleur de mandragore Nuit Sauvage Sauvagine, Reel de la
Bouchard, Jos
Faubourg, Reel du
Bouffard, Patrick
Valse Saint Jean
Bradley, Simon
Salvation, The
Broderick, Vincent
Banshee's Wail Haunted House
Brown, Greg
Little Jimmy Stephen Missing the F in C Shindigo Jig Woolen Cap, The
Bruneau, Philippe
24 juin, Le Complainte du... Hommage à Dorothée Hommage à Gilles Laprise Hommage à Guy Thomas Hommage à Jimmy de... Hommage à Jos Bouchard Hommage à Stéphane... Marche Philippe Bruneau
Bruneau, Phillipe
brandy, Le
Brunet, André
Ciel d'automne Fée des dents, La printemps, Le ralenti, Reel au ruisseau francais, Le
Buchard, Jos
Partie de Quadrille
Burns, Ian
Bélanger, Jean-Claude
Gigue du Plateau... Verre-Bouteille, Reel du Virée dans Villeray, Le
Bélanger, Jean-Francois
Marché aux puces
Bérubé, Marc-Antoine
Marc Antoine's #3
Cann, Amy
Canteloube, J.
Chanson Des Sept Pays...
Courtney's Favorite
Come Up Stairs with Me Tipperary Hills
Caroll, Liz
Diplodocus, The
Carroll, Liz
Liam Childs Ronan Boys, The
Carty, John
Seanahmac Tube Station
Casey, M
Slattery's Fancy
Cassel, Hanneke
Boston Urban Ceilidh... Laura And Athena
Chabenat, Gilles
Chassepain Crested Hens Grand'Bete, La Poules Huppées
Clough, Tom
Comte, Christophe
Conway, Zoey
Cloch na Ron
Conway, Zo√ę
Millenium Eve Rounding Malin Head Tilly Lamp, The
Cooper, Ronnie
Da Tushkar Mickie Ainsworth Millbrae
Cranford, Paul
Paul Cranford's Map Of...
Crehan, Junior
Golden Castle, The
All Covered With Moss Banish Misfortune Blazing Turf Fire, The Book of Rights, The
Cuillerier, Yvon
carrefour, Reel du Margaretsville Reel vacanciers, Reel des
Cunningham, Phil
Four Stroke reel, The Soft Horse Reel, The Soft Horse Reel
Cutting, Andy
Andy Cutting's... Bay Tree, The Nue Pnues Seven Year Waltz, The Venture Waiting for Janet Walled Garden Waltz
Daly, Jackie
Jackie Daly's Sweeney's Wheel
David, Colonel Stewart
An Original Gaelic Air
Dawson, Bonnie
Parrish Waltz
deGrosbois-Garand, Alex
pommeau 1, Le
Dejarlis, Andy
Lucky Trapper, The
Fiddlers' Heaven
Demers, Olivier
Gigue a Trois
Després, Julien
Ariane, reel d'
Dickie, Neil
Clumsy Lover
Duncan, Gordon
Ramnee Ceilidh
Dunlop, Mark
Gone To the Bower
Duval, Jean
Bonheur au Quotidien, Le Gadeliderot, Le Halloween Jig, The Obstineux, reel de l' Peveril Lasses, The Saint Ligori Saint Liguori
Dwyer, Finbar
Fox On The Town
Déjarlis, Andy
Caribou, Reel de
A Bunch of Haws
Dublin Streets
Eunson, Doug
Bending the Ferret
Falquet, Yann
Plan 9
Faubert, Michel
valse des jouets, La
Favreau, Eric
6/8 de Petit Sarny Kenneth Murphy
Ferrie, Michael
On The Wings Of A Skorie
Ferry, Michael
Back To Chernobyl
Finnegan, Brian
Donegal Lass, The North Star, The Purphy's Jig
Fisch, Gordon
Fifty Flamingoes I'm a Zombie Too I'm a Zombie Too Janet Laskey's reel
Fisch, Gord
Planxty Harold Brooks
Forest, Richard
A Polo, Reel Berceuse pour Hannah Galant, Le Marche des élèves Marche pour Anne-Marie Marche Printanière, La Mattawa, Reel de Montebello, Reel de montebello 7-8 Mécanicien, Le quatre patates, Reel des Releveur, Le Un air trompeur Valse des Bois
Fortin, Christine
7/8 des Balkans Gigue des patriotes
Frame, Gillian and Padraig O'Neill
From Kenmare to Brodick No Fixed Abode There's Something About... Tim Healey's
Gavin, Frankie
Wren's Nest, The
Mazurka de Ga√ęlle
Gemme, Pascale
Violon guérisseur
Gemme, Pascal
Gigue de Salon
Dever the Dancer Gurty's Frolics
Gitlitz, Paul
Flying Home to Shelley Flying Home to Shelley
Gorman, Michael
Mountain Road, The
Gow,, Niel Scotland (1727-1807)
Stool of Repentance, The
Gow, Nathaniel
Fairy Dance, The Maggie Brown's Favourite Miller of Drone, The Planxty Browne
Gow, Niel
Fairy Dance Largo's Fairy Dance Niel Gow's Lament for...
Grant, Angus
250 to Vigo Crabbit Shona
Grant, Colin
Superlative Thirds
Green, Martin
Come on Wee Man
Guérard, Carmen
parcour, Le
Harling, Sean
Austin Barratts Dusty Windowsill, The
Harmon, Will
Bang Your Frog On The...
Hayden, Wendy
Mont Marie, Reel de
Hill, James
Bee's Wing, The Random Notes Redesdale Hornpipe, The Rights of Man, The Underhand Hornpipe, The
Holland, Jerry
Brenda Stubbert's Capers Mutt's Favorite
Hughie, Dan MacEachern
Hector MacKenzie's Jig
Chant des Auvergnats, Le
Put in Enough
James, Paul
Jeffis, Simon
Music for a Found...
Jolivet, Gregory
Sunshine Schottische...
Jones, Steve
Valse Laurencienne, La
Joubert, Jacques
tante Cécile, Reel de
Jung, Peter
Far Away Waltz
Kane, Liz
Lewanee reel, The
Keenan, Paddy
Cahir's Kitchen
Kelly, Mark
Snowy Path, The
Kennedy, Nula
Pink Flamingo, The
Top the Candle
Kenny, Nial
Trip to Pakistan
Kirkpatrick, John
Jump At the Sun Living in Sin Puddleglums Misery
Kvarnstrom, Svante
Kvarnström, Svante
Lilo's Jig Never a Dull Moment
Landry, Ned
soupe aux pois, Reel de... Woodchopper's Breakdown... Woodchopper's Reel, The
Laplante, Rosaire
temple, Reel du
Lapp, Daniel
Sweet Reunion
Larsen, Grey
First Snow
Lavoie, Gino
marche de l'ouverture...
Le, Tristan Govic
Three Potatoes in a Bag
Leahy, Donnell and Natalie MacMaster
Wedding Day
Lennon, Charlie
Handsome Young Maidens...
Lennon, Maurice
If Ever You Were Mine
Lindsay, Archibald
Skylark's Ascension, The
Livingstone, F
City of Savannah
Loiselle, Mario
Forcalquier valse des cerfs-volants...
Lowe, Iain
Sad Tidings Sad Tidings
Loyer, Jean-Paul
Marche au camp Tourment, le
Lozier, Gilles
Hommage à Philippe...
Lunny, Donal
Tolka Polka
Lupien, Richard
Richard's Bouree
Lynch, Will
Breton 1 Breton 2
Lyon, Angus & Ruaridh Campbell
Washington Square Park
Létourneau, Gabrielle
Last Session, The Last Session, The Pickle's Tune Tourniquets
Mackintosh, Robert
Miss Sophia Campbell
Maclachlan, Ian
Dark Island
MacLean, Gordon
Mortgage Burn, The
MacLeod, Bobby
Charlie Hunter Charlie Stuart's Jig
MacPherson, William
Bromley Brae Conlon's reel
Madden, Joanie
Cat's Meow, The
Marchand, André
Mornings at Bonnie Doon Patins de Pauline, Les Siamois, Reel de
Martineau, Danielle
Valse d'Hiver
Mathews, Sarah
Sarah's Mazurka
Mathieson, R
Desert Storm
Maziade, Marc
combat, reel du
McAskill, John
Lexie McAskill
McCarthy, Timmy-The-Brit
Cat's Back, The
McComiskey, Bill and Brendan Mulvihill
Commodore, The
McCusker, John
Frank's reel
McDowell, Liz
Berserker Mazurka
Crow's Nest, The Dress Her Out in Fine... Irish Girl, The
McGoldrick, Michael
Farewell To Whalley Range Gaelic Gavotte Trip To Brittany, The Trip To Herve's, The
McGrady, Sam
Charlesworth Hornpipe...
McGuire, Manus
Genevieve's Waltz
McHugh, Jimmy
Flooded Road to... Flooded Road to...
Humors of Cappa, The Kitty Come Over Wheels of the World, The
McSherry, John
Aille's Arabesque
Merckx, Jowan
False Proof, The
Messervier, Marcel
Arthur, Reel Hommage aux musiciens... Hommage à Edmond... p'tit bal à l'huile, le p'tit bal à l'huile, le Ti-Mé, Reel
Noite de Veran Squeeze-In Processional
Milne, Peter
Big John McNeil
Mimeault, Yvon
Histoire de mon coq
Mirandette, Jean-Claude
Louis Cyr
Miron, Normand
reel des menteries, le
Mohr, Rick
Indian Point
Montmarquette, Alfred
Gigue de Terrebonne Marche du Mont St Louis
Mooney, Gordon
Car Park Jig, The
Morrison, James
Skylark, The
Moynihan, Diarmaid
Between the Strings
Mulhaire, Martin
House on the Hill, The Pat Molloy's
Murphy, Philippe
Gigue Caroline, La Rising Zombie Jig, The
Murray, Bert
Sean McGuire's
Ni, Mairead Mhaonaigh
Tune for Frankie
Nyberg, Simon
O'Brien, Paddy
Bubbling Wine Mike Cooney's Fancy Newtown Bridge
O'Carolan, Turlough
Abigail Judge Blind Mary Bumper Squire Jones Catherine Nowlan Dawning of the Day, The Dermot O'Dowd Eveleen's Bower Fairy Queen, The Generous Woman, The Isabella Burke John O'Reilly the Active Little Harvest Rose, The McDonogh's Lamentation Morning of Life, The My Dermot O'Carolan's Draught O'Carolan's Farewell O'Carolan's Farewell to... One Bottle More Planxty Browne Planxty Burke Planxty Charles Coote Planxty Corcoran Planxty Denis O'Conor Planxty Dobbins Planxty Drew Planxty Drury Planxty Edmond Dodwell Planxty Fanny Powers Planxty Fanny Powers Planxty George Brabazon Planxty Hugh O'Donnell Planxty Irwin Planxty Irwin Planxty Johnston Planxty Kitty O'Brien Planxty Lady Athenry Planxty Lady Blaney Planxty Lady Wrixon Planxty Madam Crofton Planxty Madam Maxwell Planxty Maguire Planxty Mary O'Neill Planxty Miss Burke Planxty Mrs O'Conor Planxty Nancy McDermott Planxty Nancy Vernon Planxty O'Carolan Planxty O'Daly Planxty O'Flynn Planxty O'Kelly Planxty O'Neill Planxty O'Reilly Planxty O'Rourke Planxty Scott Planxty Sir Festus Burke Planxty Sir Ulick Burke Planxty Sudley Planxty Thomas Burke Planxty Toby Peyton Planxty Toby Peyton Planxty Toby Peyton Planxty Toby Peyton Planxty Tom Judge Planxty Wilkinson Princess Royal Si Bheag Si Mhor Thomas Leixlip the Proud Winnifred Young Bridget Young Terence McDonough Young William Plunkett
O'Connor, Gerry
Punch In The Dark
O'Connors, Liam
Headwood Crossing
O'Donnell, Colm
Road to Monalea, The
O'Grady, James
O'Neill, F
A Night at the Fair A Whack at the Whigs Besom in Bloom, The Bonnie Highlander, The Connie the Soldier Dan Rogers' Jig Drive the Cows Home Get Up Early Grumbling Rustic, The Happy to Meet and Sorry... Humors of Abbeyfeale Humors of Tralibane, The Jerry Houlihan Joy of My Life, The Julia McMahon Katie's Fancy Merry Old Woman 2nd... Moll Roe Nell Flaherty's Drake Old Man Dillon Old Woman Tossed Up in a... Out on the Ocean Out With the Boys 2nd... Philip O'Neill Riding a Mile 2nd Setting Sweeping the Cobwebs Out... Tie the Petticoat Tighter Up and Down Again Widow's Curse, The
O'Neill, J
A Trip to the Cottage Daniel O'Rourke Humors of Bally Castle... Humors of Bandon, The Merry Old Woman 1st... Out With the Boys 1st...
O'Riada, Peadar
O'Rourke, Aidan
Hinba Mangersta Beach Souter Creek Tune for Emily Ball
Paris, Manu
Charge, La
Patenaude, Jocelyne
Diablo Diablo Metro, Le Metro, Le Noirceur, La Noirceur, La Pothole Polka
Paul, Jean Loyer
Africain, Reel
Peacock, John
Peacocks March Peacocks Tune
Peoples, Tommy
Don't Touch That Green... Donnegal Mazurka Knocknagow Unknown Wishing Well, The
Phillips, Freddie
Six O'Clock Waltz, The
Picard, Edouard
Beloeil, reel de
Picard, Loreno
accordéonistes, Reel...
Picard, Lorenzo
Hommage à Philippe...
Pickell, Brian
Burnt River End of Winter, The Go Lie Down Hiccup Jig, The Pierre's Right Arm Sourgrass and Granite Sulphur Creek
Pigg, Brian
Archie's Fancy
Pitou, Louis Boudreault
Cédulie, Reel à
Podolak, Leonard
Gabriella's jig
Poirier, Daniel
Hommage à Gaétan Roy
R., Dan MacDonald
Lime Hill
Reavy, Ed
Ann From Monaghan Aughamore Aughtaboy Bearded Fiddler, The Beyond Ballybay Big Willie's Wedding Blackrock Shore, The Blessings of Silver, The Bog of Allen, The Both Meat and Dhrink Brefni O'Reilly Brian Quinn's Brigid Of Knock Captain Tom Connolly's Cara's Song Castleblaney Piper, The Castle Bray Cavan's Own Cavan Town Ceilier, The Chapel Gate Charlie McDevitt's Charlie Mulvihill's Connemara Skies Corncrake, The Creel Of Turf, The Crossmaglen Crossroads Dance, The Cuilcagh Mountains, The Dances At Kinvara, The Day We Went To Kells... Doctor's Cross, The Donegal Doughertys, The Drover's Journey Home... Eleanor Kanes's Exile, The Fair Grounds, The Fiddler's Wife, The Fiddlers Mountain Fisherman's Island, The Flight Of The Wild... Gene O'Donnell's Girl From Killencare... Glen Fiddler, The Glen Reel, The Green Island Home Gypsy's Return, The Gypsy Girl, The Highest Hill In Sligo... High Hill, The Hills Of Old, The House of Hamill, The Hughie's Cap Hunter's House, The In Memory of Coleman Ireland We Knew, The Irish Washerwoman, The Jim Erwin's Johnny McGoohan's John Roarty's Killala Bay Killour House Kipeen Scanlon's Hornpipe KnockBride Lad From Balinrobe, The Lad O'Beirne's Lane To The Glen Last Tune, The Leddy From Cavan Leddy From Cavan Letterkenny Blacksmith... Light in Dennis Munion's... Lisnathara Lone Bush, The Loughs of Cavan, The Love At The Endings Lovely Bannion Lovely Lough Sheelin Mairedelia Man From Barnagrove, The Market Day, The Maudabawn Chapel Merry Wives, The Molly on the Shore Monaghan Hills Mountain Home, The Muster Grass Neale, The Neil Of The Glenties Never Was Piping So Gay O'Leary's Ireland Old Camerionian, The Old Players, The Packy's Place Passing Fancy, The Pat Boyle of... Pat Clark's Peddlar's Punch, The Quinn of Armagh Reavy's Grand Hornpipe Red Tom of the Hills Reilly Of The White Hill Road To Drum, The Sean Quinn's Shanvaghera Shoemaker's Daughter... Side Of The Road, The Silent The Lonely Glen Slaney Bog, The Starry Lane to Monaghan... Street Player, The Swallow's Nest, The Swans Among The Rushes Tales Of Barnagrove Tara Hill Time We Had In Bansha... Tinker Cart, The Town Of Coothill, The Traditional Jig, The Tubber Fair Two Sisters Village Of Cong, The Way to Shercock, The Where The Shannon Rises Whistler of Rosslea, The Whitecross Wild Swans at Coole, The Women of Monaghan, The
Rhéaume, Jean
Gigue back à back (D) Gigue back à back (G) Gigue du lendemain
Richardson, Cole
Because He was A Bonny...
Richardson, D
Calliope House
Riopel, Simon
Air mignonne, l'
Rooney, Michael
Land's End
Rothfield, Jane
November Wind
Roy, Michel-A
goat on the highway, The Wood Goat, The
Scahill, Enda
Black Frog, The
Schoer, Oliver
Fairy Like
Schroer, Oliver
Horseshoes and Rainbows
Scott, James Skinner
Miss Shepherd
Scurfield, Joe
Balls to Hall
Sicard, Padrig
Breton Gavotte 2
Skinner, JS
Cameron Highlanders
Smith, Jesse
Paddy Rainey's Jig
Smith, Neil
Pub of the Year, The
Sproule, Daithi
Roseville, The
St-Pierre, Eric
voyage d'Eric St-Pierre...
Stapleton, Cliff
Man in a brown Hat
Stove, G
Carnival March, The
Sullivan, Tom
Butlers of Glen Avenue
Sullivan, Tony
Roaring Barmaid, The
Sutherland, Adam
Road To Errogie, The
Sutherland, Jim
Easy Club, The
Swayne, Jon
Motorway Mazurka
Thonon, Daniel
Evit Gabriel
Humors of Whiskey, The Tobin's Favorite
Torpy, Helena
Attingham Waltz, The
Terry Hiegh Ho the...
Tracy, Becky
Golden Colorado
Trad., Irish
Larry O'Gaff Over the Hills
Ungar, Jay
Ashokan Farewell Mountain House Waltz Popcorn Behaviour Vladimir's Steamboat Wizard's Walk, The
Vallely, Niall
Oblique Jig
Vigneault, Gilles
Alison, Reel d' béris, Reel de chaise noire, La citrouilles, Reel des lendemain, Reel du lilas, Reel des traversier, Reel de
Volrath, Calvin
Bonjour, comment ça va?
Walsh, Thomas
Walshaw, Chris
Monkey Puzzle
West, G
Miller of Glanmire, The
Whelan, John
Trip to Skye
Whitley, Erin
Hill of the Cranes, The Road Opposite, The
Williams, Nicolas
Bring on the Rain Gigue de l'égouttage
Young, Jimmy
William Hardie's...