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X:1448 T:The Pretty Blue Seagull M:C| L:1/8 N:collected by O'Reilly B:O'Neill's 1399 Z:"Transcribed by Bob Safranek, rjs@gsp.org" Z:Assume there should be "D.C." at end of B part K:Em BE (3EEE FEBE | AD (3DDD DFAd | BE (3EEE FEFA | BdcA BE " Fine"E2 :| e2 eB e2 eB | d2 dB d2 dB | e2 eB e2 eB | ABdF TFE E2 | efgf edBc | dedB d2 dB | ABde fedB | ABdF TFE E2 |]