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X:82 T:Knight of St. Patrick Lancers (#81-B) M:6/8 L:1/8 S:CONTINUATION OF #81-A K:D f/2g/2|afd B2 d|A2 A A2 B|d2 d {f}e>de|f3 e2 f/2g/2| afd B2 d|A2 A A2 B|d2 f {f}e>de|d3 d z|| A|d2 d f2 a|b2 b a2 g|f2 d dfa|b2 c' d'2 d| d>ed dfa|bc'd' a2 b|g2 a f2 g|e3-e2|| K:G b|bgb b>^c'd'|afa a>^c'd'|g>fg eag|fdd d2 d| ece e>fg|d>Bd def|{a}gfg ad'c'|bgg g2|| B|e3 gfe|fb>b b2 a|gfe {g}fe^d|efg B2 B| e3 gfe|fb>b b2 a|g>fe f>e^d|e3-e z B/2A/2|| G>AG GBd|ceg g2 f/2e/2|d>cB AGA|B3-B2 B/2A/2| G>AG GBd|ceg g2 f/2e/2|dgB AGA|G3-G z|| B|e3 gfe|fbb b2 a|gfe fe^d|efg B2 B| e3 gfe|fbb b2 a|g>fe fe^d|e3-e z| d'/2c'/2|b2 g a2 f|g2 e deg|[d3f3a3] [d3f3a3]|[d3f3a3] [d2d'2] c'| [B2b2] g [A2a2] f|[G2g2] e d2 e|g3 g3|[B3d3g3]-[B2d2g2]||