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X:957 T:Rodney's Glory N:anon. O:Ireland B:Francis O'Neill: "The Dance Music of Ireland" (1907) no. 958 R:Long dance, set dance Z:Transcribed by Frank Nordberg - http://www.musicaviva.com N:Music Aviva - The Internet center for free sheet music downloads M:2/4 L:1/16 K:Ador (ed)|c2(Bc) ABcA|BGEF G2(cd)|e=fed cde^f|({a}g)edc d=fed|c2(Bc) ABcA| BGEF G2(ed)| c2(BA) GABG|A4A2::d2|eaab aged|efed c3A|g2fg agec|dcAF G2G2|AGAB cBcd| edeg a2(ab)|aged cdef|gfge d=fed|(3(cdc) (3(BcB) ABcA|BGEF G2(ed)|c2(BA) GABG|A4A2:|